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Remote Resetter Software

This software is to be used with our EC-RC range of phone and GSM Remote Resetters. The user is presented with an easy to use interface to control each of the 4 outputs of the remote resetter.

The PC that the software runs on must have a modem installed (internal or external). When running the software you can manually enter the Remote Resetters telephone number and password and then simply click the ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ buttons and the software will dial the remote resetter and send the appropriate commands making using the Remote Resetter units much more ‘User Friendly’ for users and operators with limited technical knowledge.

Although this unit was designed specifically for use with our range of EC-RC range of Remote Resetters, it could be customised to control any device that requires control via DTMF tones. We are happy to make small custom changes to this software for your individual requirements. Please contact us with your requirements.