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Radio Player Software

Radio Player Software

After consulting with our client over their requirements, We are pleased to announce that we have now released our Radio Player software.

The software is used as a permanent audio player for radio stations, where a feed is required to ensure an ‘always on’ situation.

The software connects to the radio stations audio stream with the unique goal of ‘staying connected’ to a valid audio stream.

The player then monitors the quality of the incoming audio stream and is able to switch to a backup feed should there be any issues with the main feed (buffering, silences, etc…).

If there is a total loss of audio, suggesting an network outage or a problem at source, the Radio Player software can launch an ‘emergency playlist’ (after a preset time) to ensure that there is always an audio output. Should this occur, the Radio Player software will continue to monitor the incoming audio stream until it finds a valid stream and after a preset time (to ensure the incoming stream is stable), will switch the audio back to the main sound card output and shut down the emergency playlist.

The software is also able to send emails, SMS texts and switch serial port pins to alert of an abnormal situation (no incoming audio).

Software updates:

We’ve been very busy coding some updates to the Radio Player software recently developed for Power FM Radio. The task in hand was to enable the software to receive two separate feeds from diverse broadcast servers with a view that if one of the servers failed or if the player starts to buffer on the active stream, the Radio Player software would switch over to the backup feed.

The software was extensively redesigned to allow for the software to connect to both a main and a backup server at start up and then monitor the quality of both streams. If the software detects bandwidth or reliability issues on the active stream it automatically switches over to the alternative server feed.  Neither feed is preferred to avoid unnecessary switching (though it can be configured to prefer the main or backup stream).

Additional functionality includes:

– Log all events and switches between feeds.
– Launch of an emergency playlist in the case of a network issue or a failure of both feeds.
–  Email notification in the event of a feed failure (and when the feed is restored).