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On Demand Audio Streaming

We are pleased to offer on-demand audio streaming in MP3 formats. Your content can be uploaded to our on-demand servers via via FTP or via our custom web uploader and we will then serve your uploaded content to your listeners.

On-demand audio packages are based on the total size of the files you wish to place on our servers at any one time. Your content can be in any MP3 format you require (any bitrate, size, duration, stereo, mono, etc…)

We will provide you with code for your website to embed a player or if you prefer just links to the content so that you can include them on your website. Please see below an example of our on-demand embedded players for one of our clients.

Here is the pricing structure:

Storage Space

Please note that there is a £10 setup fee on all on-demand servers. If you require over 50GB, please contact us and we will quote for the space you need.

As always, please note that we operate our own servers and are therefore able to offer you custom solutions depending on your requirements. Please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Below is a Flash player with a 3 hour streaming file which we host for one of our clients. Please press ‘Play’ to start playback.