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Mobile streaming

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Hampshire Media have been working hard on providing streaming capabilities using the latest technology and streaming techniques.

Our mobile-friendly streaming is the best option for you to offer your radio stations audio feed to your increasing number of listeners using mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

We have come up with some great encoding techniques that offer fantastic audio quality while using very low bandwidth to enable listening on networks as low as GPRS mobile networks.

Listen below to some live examples of our mobile streaming capabilities (Your desktop browser may need additional plugins to play this content).

We can even take a feed from your existing Internet stream and transcode it down to a more mobile-friendly format, just ask us!

24Kbps stream demo

48Kbps stream demo

If the players do not appear above, your browser may not support them (Firefox typically has problems). Please try these alternative feeds for the 24Kbps feed and the 48Kbps feed. (You may need to download VLC to playback AAC+ files).

Both these feeds are hosted on our servers and the 24kbps works great down to GPRS mobile networks to make sure your station is available to every single listener.

Please click here to view 24kbps and 48kbps price plans or contact us for a custom quote.