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Media Server

Our Media Server is the ideal way for you to distribute large audio or video files to the rest of the world. We operate our own servers and are therefore able to arrange a custom solution for your requirements. Our system operates in a similar way to an FTP server. Each ‘owner’ is given access to upload their files and also access details for users to download the content.

We also provide a custom ‘Web’ access to this service to make it easier for users (and administrators) to upload/download content. To view a demo, please click here.

This service is priced on a case by case basis, we will therefore require you to contact us to discuss your requirements. Your price will depends on how many files to wish to distribute and how many users/clients you require to access the files.

Here are some of our standard packages for our Media Server product, but please note that we are proud to offer custom solutions for our clients. Please see the custom request form below to request a quote.

Storage Space

Please note that there is a £10 setup fee on all Media Server packages.

If you require more than 50GB we can arrange that via a custom quote via the form below.

As always, please note that we operate our own servers and are therefore able to offer you custom solutions depending on your requirements. Please fill in the form below for a custom quote.

If you require extra redundancy we can arrange for a mirrored service from a different location with hourly/daily/weekly and monthly backups. Please ask about our backup/redundancy services.

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