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Home Hardware EC-RC1C – Remote Resetter

EC-RC1C – Remote Resetter

The EC-RC range of phone remote resetters are designed to be used in a wide range of applications where the remote control of any device is necessary.

The EC-RC1C will remote control 1 device, it uses the fixed PSTN phone network (analogue line).

Use the range of resetters where:
– You need to remotely control or reboot any device.
– You need to be able to remotely turn on/off a device (Office, automation, etc…)
– you need to remotely control a device where there is no fixed phone line available.

The EC-RC1C is a compact version of the phone resetter EC-RC4F. It is supplied in a smaller, non-rack enclosure yet carries the same functionality such as password protection. The unit connetcs directly to an analogue telephone line (POTS) and when you dial it, the unit will ask you for a password and then you are able, via DTMF tones on any phone, to switch on/off or reboot any device connected to it. It is powered directly from the mains (230vAC) and the device to be remote controlled is connected via the dual IEC connector. It operates in a ‘fail safe’ mode as the power to the unit to be controlled is separate from the EC-RC1C power supply and in the event of a power cut, will return to it´s ‘ON’ position. In an unlikely event of a failure of the EC-RC1C, the device connected with also revert to its ‘fail safe’ ‘ON’ position.

Also available is a GSM Gateway in situations where there is no fixed landline available, this allows the unit to be used anywhere where there is a GSM signal available.

Unit features:
– Password protected
– Fail safe operation
– Low power consumption
– Ease of use
– Software controllable

This unit is also controllable from any PC (that has a modem) via our custom built software.1 week)