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Home Hardware EC-DTMF1 – RDS TA Flag Switch

EC-DTMF1 – RDS TA Flag Switch

If you need an easy and cost effective way of activating your RDS TA flag, then the EC-DTMF1 is your solution. The unit is supplied in a professional 19″ 1U rack mount box and detects a series of DTMF tones played by the studio at the beginning and end of your Traffic and Travel announcements. This is a very cost effective way of controlling the traffic (TA) flag as no other equipment is necessary (apart from your existing RDS encoder).
The unit is triggered by the studio sending the tones mixed down into the jingles directly before and after the Traffic and Travel announcements.

After receiving a valid sequence of short DTMF tones (the unit uses the standard 51# and 510 sequence to activate/deactivate), the unit will open/close a set of contacts via its 9 pin Sub-D type connector on the rear of the unit which connects to your existing RDS encoder. The audio to the unit can be supplied via either an MPX (transmission chain) or mono balanced/unbalanced (off air monitor) feed. The unit detects the standard 75ms 51# and 510 sequence of tones to operate the TA flag.

The unit also features a 3 minute timeout, should the presenter/operator/travel announcer forget to cancel the TA flag. This allows this unit to comply with the current 3 minute TA announcement limit.

A variant (EC-DTMF1C) is available in a compact non-19″ box.

RDS TA Flag Open
RDS TA Flag Close