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Audio Streaming Device

Here at Hampshire Media we have developed an ‘Audio Streaming Device’ for our sister company Instore Radio.

We have two hardware solutions, the ‘Audio Streaming Box Standard’ (listed here) and the ‘Audio Streaming Box Pro‘.

The Audio Streaming Box Standard has been developed by our in-house team of technical experts and is designed primarily to work with our own systems but can be used in any situation where an ‘always on’ audio streaming solution is required.

The unit is a small, low power consumption unit which requires only a mains connection (110/220v), a broadband connection and a connection to your audio equipment.

Once connected, the unit will automatically connect to our servers, identify itself and play the audio feed which it has been assigned to play. The unit will then stay connected to our servers providing excellent, reliable audio.

The units have been equipped with our own software to ensure that audio is always present providing the unit has mains and Internet access. Should the main audio feed fail, it will connect up to a backup audio source. Should the Internet access fail, it will reconnect as soon as it comes back up. If the power fails, it will automatically resume playback once the power has been restored. If you need a solution that has backup audio built into it (should the Internet connection fail), then take a look at our ‘Audio Streaming Box Pro‘.

Although designed to work with our own Instore Radio systems, this unit will work with any MP3/AAC+ audio stream. If you already have your own Instore Radio system and need to add more devices (venues) then you may want to consider using our low power, reliable, economical devices.

– Very low power consumption.
– Super small size.
– ‘Always On’ solution.
– Access to two audio feeds for redundancy with automatic switching.
– Redirect your streams online at any time via our control panels.
– Built in LCD information screen.
– Automatic firmware and software updates over the Internet.

To find out more information about this product, please contact us.

These units are priced at £119.95 / $195.95 / € 149.95 each. For volume purchases, please Contact Us.

To buy one now, please visit our Instore Radio site here.